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Nov 1, 2011 / 7 notes

The myth of artificial intelligence

I keep debating with colleagues, friends, and even complete strangers about artificial intelligence… is it a myth? Some people think so, and I believe there are definitely two schools of thought. One which takes more of the ludite approach (while still very adept with the changes in technology), they think that since a human programs a computer there always needs to be a human involved in inputting, creating a computer. Then there is the other school of thought that believes in the Ray Kurzweil and his idea of singularity, where the computers actually replace machines. Well, we actually side with this argument, but don’t see it as some impending disaster. We think that intelligence changes, and the focus of the human life will stray from trying to build technologies to continuing and preserving the simple life… the things that matter. I think that’s why we see it as a positive; in terms of how having an intelligent computer to manage aspects of compliance, and even some recruitment in our industry could prove beneficial. 

Let’s just make sure someone trustworthy has their hand on the master power switch if it gets out of hand and we go into the age of Terminator!